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Adjusting Column Width & Size




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    Is there a magic button for this?  I try to change the width of my columns using the dotted line, but it is hit and miss - usually miss.  I hover over it, I grab at it, and I talk nicely to it; but it just doesn't move.  Then for no reason I can discern, it will move for me, usually not where I need it and then the other side won't move so it is not centered.  Such a simple task should not be so frustrating.

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    Vincent Rominger

    Hey Lois!

    My first recommendation would be to try and use Google Chrome as your Browser. We find that this Browser is the best to use inside of the builder. If that does not help, we do strongly recommend editing with a mouse and not a mousepad. 

    If neither of those two things fixes your problem, feel free to email us at to submit a ticket and get some more intentional help.

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